We saw the teasers, we felt the skepticism and now Fisker’s latest concoction is more than just a shady teaser, the Fisker EMotion is here. Or is it?  

No, this hasn’t got anything to do with Seat and them yelling “Auto Emotion” all the time. This has everything to do with the teasers we wrote about in the last month, an EV coming from Henrik Fisker. In a press release the company finally announced the fictional car’s name and added very little information alongside it. Named the Fisker EMotion, its specifications seem a bit farfetched. 

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EMotion’s claimed range is set at 643 kilometers, a range that sounds unrealistic at this point in time. Especially when you consider the brand plans to use the hard to tame graphene-based hybrid super capacitor technology and claims a 260 kph Vmax. Skepticism doesn’t stop there however, as the brand now states to add fully functioning autonomous driving to the Fisker EMotion.

Instead of taking it step by step, Fisker seem to want to master it all in their first attempt. Only time will tell if the doubts are justified or not. But with no prototype or timetable set, the odds are stacked against them. If they do manage to pull it off somehow, this thing will be a game changer. Not just in terms of design no.