This weekend we had the chance to drive the F-Type R AWD coupe, yes another F-Type. But that’s nothing negative at all, no we are very privileged to test every single configuration out there. 

As I was holding the key in my right hand and I slowly walked up to her something told me she was special. A soft grey glow radiated from the paint job casting a vivid contrast on the yellow brake calipers that were gripping the optional ceramics. That’s about all the romantic feelings I had with for car, because after pressing the ‘start engine’ button those emotions were replaced by pure enthusiasm. I positioned myself in the red leather interior and adjusted the driving position to my needs, being 1.90 meters tall I barely fit, sadly. I lay my hand on the lever that sets the transmission in various modes, but for some reason sliding this into the ‘sport –mode’ felt more special. “Let’s do this” a voice in my head told me, I opened the valves in the sport-exhaust. 

F-Type R

Technical features

But first i’ll run you trough some numbers. The F-Type R AWD coupe weighs in at 1.730 kilograms and is hauled around by a 5 liter V8. That engine pushes out a supercharged 550 PS at 6.500 rotations and 680 Nm at 3.500 rotations. This power launches the F-Type R AWD to a hundred in 4.1 seconds and she won’t stop until hit 300 kph. That acceleration is transferred via the rubber, as the she was wearing the 20″ inch that measured in at 255 at the front and 295 at the rear. The AWD-system is one that only loads up the front wheels when they lose traction for extra safety/control, but sadly adds 80 kilograms to the car. All that power in a relatively heavy body needs 11.3 liters per hundred kilometers and exudes 269 grams of carbon dioxide in the process. All these are depended on your right foot however and the selected drive mode for that matter. ‘Dynamic’ is the most extreme of all modes, it offers the sharpest settings on things like the gas response and the gear changes in the 8-speed transmission.

“Our target with engineering the all-wheel drive F-TYPE was to maintain that engaging rear-drive character that’s so important to Jaguar sports car DNA, yet offer even greater dynamic capability. The result is a controllable, exploitable and blisteringly fast performance car in all weather and road conditions.” – Jaguar press launch

Driving it

I finally drove off, the engine had been running whilst I was settling in and was eager to go. Very eager to be exact, man this car goes in the dynamic mode and I mean in the fullest extent of the word. The eight cylinders of the 5 liter engine all seem to be screaming of joy each rotation, increasing the acceleration by flooring the gas only emphasised this joy. This car has one aggressive soundtrack when provoked, one which lets itself be played like an instrument via the responsive gas pedal. After driving trough some tunnel systems I felt confident enough to feel a bit more of what the 55o PS, 680 Nm and the chassis were capable of. The projected zero to a hundred time of 4.1 second was easily met, what was harder was not continuing the acceleration and losing my driver license in the process. The F-type R showed me her soundtrack, her acceleration capabilities, her various drives modes, leaving me to test her cornering capabilities and the AWD system. Where the F-type convertible had noticeable problems with chassis stiffness, the coupe R had none of this. She barely bent during corners and the chassis was very balanced, even through high speed corners and offered a soft ride. I caught myself being to enthusiastic and entering corners hard, those ceramics acted like an anchor and saved me plenty of times. They measure in a 380 at the front and 376 at the back.

F-Type R


The F-Type R AWD coupe is a very desirable car and for a good reason, it exudes something very special. The coupe looked stunning, but that is a personal thing. The red leather interior wasn’t over the top, neither was the power, neither were the optional ceramics, no this car just works in a very balanced fashion. It is performance in a ‘English gentleman’ kind of way, politically correct but very sharp when challenged. It may not be the fastest car out there at the moment in its respective segment, but it is a very potent competitor in that segment.


Styling 5/5
Performance 5/5
Handling 5/5
Fun factor 4/5
Overall 4,75/5

Many thanks to our partner RAC, for this opportunity.