No limited run, a free-for-all production run. Rejoice!

The Italian brand is bringing the open-top V12 pleasure back to the ‘masses’ with the Ferrari 812 GTS and damn, she’s the pretty sibling. Rather than limiting the production numbers or squeezing the 1% even further with special editions, the GTS is a full production series. Plenty of Ferrari convertibles to choose from, with this car being at the very top. 

The Portofino, the F8 Spider and now the Ferrari 812 GTS form the open-top fun from Maranello. The latter comes with the same specifications as the 812 Superfast, which translates into an 800hp, 6.5-liter V12 orchestra burbling behind you.

The best thing about the 812 GTS is that it outshines its closed sibling in terms of aesthetics. The car seems more balanced in terms of lines and details, where the small opening breaks the roofline. On that roof no longer sits an oddly shaped glass piece, but now houses 2 elegant domes. 

In terms of performance, the 812 GTS is only 0.1 seconds slower to a hundred. On other turfs, the GTS is not the underdog compared to its closed sibling. A small price to pay when one has the option of opening up the roof in 14 seconds. Just imagine hearing this engine unhindered, something that we hadn’t heard since the 599 SA Aperta.