Aston Martin has finally revealed the production spec of their latest hypercar competing against the AMG One and Speedtail: the Valkyrie. 

We’ve seen a lot of the Aston Martin Valkyrie before but we can finally feast our eyes on how it’s going to look on the road.

The car still is and looks like a spaceship and just like the Speedtail has no old fashioned rear view mirrors anymore but replaced with cameras. Also gone are the carbon fiber wheel covers. Well not really gone, they’re going to be optional wheels while these will be the standard. They look really cool and will be a nightmare to clean probably. We’d still pick the carbon fibre wheels since they suit the car so much.

Inside the driving position is influenced by Aston Martin’s development partner for the Valkyrie: Red Bull. You sit inside the tub in a reclined way just the same as Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo would be sitting inside their F1 cars.

As you know: the car is powered by an insane Cosworth-tuned 6.5L V12 helped by a small electric boost developing a combined output of 1130 hp. Aston Martin is going to build 175 units of the Valkyrie including 25 AMR Pro versions. Customer deliveries will start arriving somewhere between 2019 and 2020.

Also the sound in this thing is just out of this world. Cosworth did a stunning job of finetuning this monster V12. Put in your earphones and mash the replay button.


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