Has Land Rover gone megalomaniac with the Evoque? Or have they struck gold with the first compact SUV convertible ever?

The Range Rover Evoque has been quite the success for Land Rover, mostly due to the esthetics designed in collaboration with Victoria Beckham. They have now launched a convertible of the Evoque to appeal to its successful esthetics once more. The roof construction on the Evoque convertible is made up of fabric and opens in 21 seconds and closes in 18 seconds, at speeds up to 50 kilometers an hour.


The company claims that the profile of the car has been preserved when the roof is up and that when lowered it is hidden away in rear bodywork to give an “uncluttered appearance”. Worth mentioning is that the fabric part of the roof is the widest and longest fitted to any vehicle on sale today. Convertibles have their downsides however that I will point out. The topless Evoque has a smaller boot of a mere 251 liters and no 5 door version. But more importantly it has gained some weight, not really what you imagine from a topless babe at the beach. Compensating for the safety a roof offers are 2 aluminum roll-over bars that are hidden away in the rear bodywork.


The Range Rover Evoque convertible features the same level of equipment as the version with a roof, technically and interior-wise. New however is the 10.2″ touchscreen with a new operating system. The available petrol and diesel engines can be hooked up to Land Rovers AWD system. So yes it’s a roofless SUV that can actually go off-road.

Set to launch in spring next year, I predict a fair share of videos and pictures of flooded or ruined interiors.