Many people have always seen the AMG E63 as a sort of drift-ambassador, which makes it all the more worrisome that the next generation won’t have RWD. But should we be worried?

Much like Ford Performance did in the Focus RS, AMG has announced to give the upcoming E63 drift mode. That news was dropped today by the Germans but that news came after the announcement that the upcoming AMG E-Class will only use an AWD-setup. So will the drifting days of the ‘E’ be over? Nope.

Just let engineers do their thing and you end up with an all-wheel-drive-system that allows 100% of the engine’s output to go straight for the rear axle when the mode is switched on. This temporarily switches the car from being AWD to being RWD. This could of course result in Focus-RS-like ‘hooning’ the Aussies are so afraid of but we’re betting it won’t be that bad. Why? Because you’re average E-Class buyer is far less prone to impulsive behavior than the average Focus RS buyer. How do we know? Well, age is a huge factor.

With age comes responsibility they say. Plenty of that needed with a whopping 612 horsepower that is rumored for the AMG E63S. We’ll know everything about the upcoming tyre-slayer before July next year. Stay tuned.