Top Marques Monaco was a success once again but every year it seems to get struck down more and more by a select group of people.

Top Marques Monaco is one the pinnacle car events where the most luxury brands showcase what they’ve got on offer. That attracts a lot of wealthy potential customers who show up in the fastest, most exclusive cars on the planet. However that brings a few problems with it that aren’t the fault of these people in any way.

Just like what happened in London. The same thing is happening in Monaco now. The most exclusive cars descend onto the little principality and will do the occasional acceleration or rev. At first, just like in London, everything was fine. But people wanting to show off are coming more and more to Monaco to drive around in circles all day, do hard accelerations, revs and even burnouts and drifting. I don’t want to point fingers but most of them can be recognised by driving in BMW M’s and Mercedes AMG’s. 
Monaco is still a dense urban area and you have to understand that not all people who live there like the continuous revving of engines. Not even getting started on how dangerous it is to drift in such tight area’s.

The second problem is a select group of car spotters. With the event attracting more and more attention each year, more and more car spotters show up to the Top Marques Weekend. I’ve seen spotters from all ages running around Monaco. Even little kids who are probably only 12 years old. And as everyone tries to capture their own ‘unique’ and ‘creative’ picture, some of them will move onto the street and stop oncoming traffic or just sprint after cars whilst risking their own life.


All this behaviour has been frustrating the police for the last years and at the beginning of April they made this public post that they would not tolerate such behaviour and cars would be impounded for 48 hours.

However both these attention seekers and car spotters ignored what was said as they continued to drift and do burnouts whilst certain car spotters cheered for them and booed at the police if they took action. And as you can see in Mr. JWW’s video below, they confiscated a lot of cars.

Is Top Marques dying?

With more and more of these idiots gathering for Top Marques, police could soon decide to just ban Top Marques altogether. More so, there’ve been rumours floating around that Top Marques 2019 might be cancelled. And that would mean another great event would go down because of idiots trying to show of. So please stop ruining these wonderful events and just enjoy them like most people do.

Huracan picture courtesy of our latest member Sian Loyson. He’s going to be sharing his Top Marques experience over de next coming days. Have a look at his Instagram for more epic pictures.