Touring Superleggera is one of the few companies that revived the art of coach building with the Disco Volante. Now they’ve made a strip model with the Disco Volante Spyder.

It takes a lot of courage to modify the Alfa Romeo 8C. But it takes amazing skill to make it even hotter. And that’s exactly what the Italian Coachbuilder has succeeded in when they released the Disco Volante a few years ago.


So what could you do to make this Grand Tourer even better? That’s right, you take its roof off. Introducing the Disco Volante Spyder, a topless version of the coach built 8C.
The roofline now features a 2 bubble layout to support the roof which is using a detachable 2 piece targa style made out of carbon fiber. Given this roof style, each panel only weighs 3,5 kgs and can be stored in the 400 liter boot(y). This is more and more becoming the ultimate road trip car.


The 4.7L Maserati derived V8 remains the same as the coupe version which means you still have that mighty unmatched voice coming out of the exhausts. Except for this one, you’re able to hear this concerto to the max.

Afraid that the car might feel like Micheal Jacksons nose? No worries on that part, Touring received input from Alfa Romeo themselves to make the car a handling wonder. Not aimed at hardcore track use but more like cruising up the mountain, driving from one hairpin to another. Pure zen.

Price hasn’t been revealed but you’ll need to first buy your donor 8C and send it off to Italy for 6 months. So yeah the car is freaking expensive but the again. How can you not resist this craftsmanship combined with the most amazing sound a V8 could ever produce?

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