It’s not every day that we write just about wheels but Dillinger Wheels just released their KB9 and there’s a reason it’s on here.

Dillinger Wheels is founded by a friend of ours, you might remember him as he’s the same guy behind Bengala Automotive Design. A few of his creations are the Caballeriá and the Group B A1 Quattro you’ve seen here.

Now his next project is wheels. And he’s kicking off with what he calls the KB9, his first ever forged rim. It’s a classic Y-spoke design that’s elegant yet really sets a statement. Putting these wheels on your car will certainly turn some heads.

Spec-wise this first set is 20×9,5 in the front and 21×11 in the back. The weight comes in at 9,2 kg for the front and 11 kg in the back. Which is quite light for such a massive wheel.
The KB9 will be available in 18-22 inch but there’s always the option of tailoring them for the perfect fitment on your car.

You can contact Dillinger Wheels through Instagram (Click here) and soon on his dedicated website too.