Want to feel like James Bond but are you lacking the skills and looks? This Land Rover Defender might just be the thing for you.

We were tipped about a Defender Spectre Edition last week, a project that had a unique deadline with the Land Rover factory shutting down the Defender production. This deadline did however finalize the project as Tweaked Automotive had this idea circulating in the shop for a while but never started the build before now. The car closely mimics the Defenders that were used in the James Bond Spectre movie, hell even the ropes used are identical.

As a donor vehicle for the build a 90 chassis Defender was used. In a total of 8 weeks the project went from an ‘we should do that once’ idea to the car you see in the gallery. In those 8 weeks Tweaked had to obtain and create bespoke parts ranging from beadlock wheels, tyres, extra wide wheel arches, roof rack and a whole lot more. Inside the Defender Spectre Edition has an upgraded interior with leather upholstery and of course the mandatory badge that reminds you of what you’re driving.

Technically the Spectre inspired machine has been tweaked as well. The team reworked the radius arms, added adjustable pan hard rods and heavy duty steering arms. Additionally they uprated steering damper and a full upgrade to poly bushes was done. Power has also been tweaked to around 190 PS and 490 Nm, this was achieved via various tweaks including an ECU-tune.

When these guys drop another impressive project like this, you’ll find it on our site.