Crashing is never fun but Damon seems to take it very well.

Sad news today as the DDE 458 crash leaves the world with one Liberty Walk Ferrari less. The good news? Damon Fryer immediately announced that he will be building something better. Named the 458 GTR, their car was literally a show stopper as they attend many events with it. It was an immensely popular car on social media, many photographers had their go at capturing it. Most epic pictures were those of the talented Marcel Lech, which you can view here.

In the video posted below you can see Damon from Daily Driven Exotics just moments after the crash. He tells “everyone is ok” and he takes his time to show the extend of the damage. The front end has almost disintegrated, airbags have deployed and rims crushed. Later on in the video the tow truck arrives at the DDE 458 crash, after which the video ends.

Let’s see what these come up with next. It will undoubtedly be insane.

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