The old make way for the new but not without bidding the DB9 farewell.

Sad news as the DB9 production ends or is it? It marks the end of what is a marathon for a production run, a 13 year marathon. One filled with history for Aston Martin. Ups and downs and it withstood them all as perhaps the most important model in the survival struggle of the brand.

Its exit has been made symbolic by celebrating the end of production with 9 last units, all DB9 GT’s. But it is not the end of the the DB9 entirely. No, its platform is still used in models like the Vantage and Rapide. It is in fact the farther of every current model but the DB11. Where the DB9 genes weren’t planned to used this long, the finical crisis after the Ford exit left them no choice.

DB9 production ends

This choice left the company in a postion where criticism for their old platform was everyday practice. But if they would have given way under those assaults and went a head with a new platform earlier, if it wasn’t for the strength of the engineers and the high quality of the DB9 platform, Aston might just be another dead English brand.

So where the DB9 production ends, the brand enters a new era. Farewell DB9, your partial aluminum platform carried more than it was ever meant to do.