Okay, Okay, she’s not completely naked but it still kinda works right?

Aston Martin has started teasing for the upcoming DB11 Volante. Set to launch in spring 2018, teasing this far ahead is know to cause impotence but that doesn’t stop the brand. Although even blind people can predict what the roofles version of the DB11 will look like, it is still a car that is worth paying attention to. Leaning heavily on the DB11 for the survival of the company, each chassis variant has to be a succes. Convertible included.

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Spring 2018 is still very far away but that means we’ll undoubtley catch prototypes of the DB11 Volante next year. With a major aero-feuature being hidden in the roof construction of the coupe, it’s going to be interesting to see how they adres downforce in the Volante. Stay tuned, just 18 month till the unveiling (sarcasm intended)!