A rumor is traveling on the internet. BMW could be working on a potent version of the 3 Series Touring, but not one you would expect. It’s a diesel!

Yes, a diesel and that’s not an odd thing. Maybe you can remember the day Audi told the world there S-models will have a diesel engine under the hood. Luxurious, autobahn-cruisers that will bring you from A to B in a respectable time and more import: with a decent consumption figure.

But let’s be honest. Your ideal autobahn-car needs to have enough power and more important: Torque! Important to getter some speed to overtake someone at + 200 km/u. The BMW M340d Touring could have the same engine as the BMW X3 M40d, a six-in-line turbodiesel with 326 hp and 680 Nm of torque. This power combined with the low emissions is a win/win for the drivers in Europe.

In March 2020 we could welcome the new power-combi with a very big smile.