RS fans rejoice! There have been rumors that Renault will announce a limited run of 500 units of the bonkers Clio RS16 at the Paris Motorshow.

When Renault dropped the Clio RS16 2 months ago, everyone went crazy. A Clio RS with the 2.0L four cylinder out of the Megane RS pushing 275 hp to the front wheels through a, yeah that’s right, a manual transmission.

At the Monaco Grand Prix unveiling there wasn’t really a plan to put it into production but after the massive response from the crowd, Renault said they’d consider setting up a limited production of the Clio RS16.

The biggest headache for Renault is the production and homologation of this beast. Due to the extensive rework, it doesn’t just fit in the standard Clio RS production line. For sure the car drives at this point but it’ll need to pass all kinds of safety regulations.

So if we’re getting the rumored green light from Renault Sport what can we expect from the Clio RS16? Well we can be sure about a hefty price tag of around 40.000 €. That’s quite a lot for a Clio but considering all these factors, you won’t be losing money on it. If it goes on sale, Renault will once again prove the French can make bonkers production cars. Cue Shia LaBeouf!