Oh yes, 2017 WRC opening in Monte-Carlo is going to be a very good one. Why? Because upcoming season allows for more boost, more aero and less weight.

Citroen dropped their C3 WRC, Hyundai their I20 WRC with a little bit of N-Lable flavor and now Toyota joins the party with their Yaris WRC. All machines that have very few things in common with the cars they adopted their names from. Thoroughly reworked to accommodate for rally, these 3 cars could usher in a new era for the rally sport.

With the 2017 season crawling closer and closer, the brands all finalized their design. Those designs are now a far bit more flexible than they used to be over the years. Ever since Group B died so tragically, regulations had a death-grip on the sport. Much like F1 it became way too regulated. And that is set to change, as the regulations allow for more boost, more aero and less weight. All 3 of these cars will run at 380 horsepower engine outputs, the 2017 season hp-cap set by FIA.

Check out the craziness that is WRC down below. For all we know, in 20 years from now we’ll all be saving up money for that C3 WRC.

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