Good thing come from the capitalist states we refer to as America, like Shelby and the Ford GT, but there’s more. Culture can also slowly cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach countries in Europe. Take a trip to Sweden and you might actually feel like your driving trough a woody state in America with all those classic Americans driving around. The Netherlands seem to have adopted rather little when you come to think of it, there’s however one thing and that is┬áCars and Coffee, a pretty self-explanatory name right? Of course there’s more to it than just these two things, it’s almost every petrolhead’s dream. This cultural phenomena can turn a abandoned parking lot into a bustling crowd of smoke, petrol fumes, cars and people. It really is something to see, even if you’re not a petrolhead by far, because of the open atmosphere and possibility to get to understand the kind of species called petrolhead.

The C&C events are currently being held in two places in the Netherlands, one in the vicinity Rotterdam and the other one in the province of Twente. The one near Rotterdam is a more commercially exploited version of the event hosted by Baan Velgen and Autogespot, where Twente is more free-for-all version of the event. Where entrance to the C&C near Rotterdam is controlled, the event in Twente is far less strict. Car Journalism attend the C&C near Rotterdam today.

We aimed at arriving early, but things don’t always go to plan. We were joined by a local Jaguar dealer with an F-Type V6 and with us filming that car, well we lost track of time and thus ended up arriving to an already bustling event. Good thing about C&C is the 3 hour time slot in which you can show up, you’re simply not obliged to arrive on time. We decided not to be let down by us arriving later than we wanted to and parked our F-Type among the other cars. Immediately we ended up talking to many other attenders. A 240 horsepower Abarth 500 owner extensively reworked his car and had us hanging on his lips whilst he talked us trough the mods. All of a sudden every head turned to the left, well not Nick as he was looking at something Italian, a Mclaren P1 just rolled in. Other highlights and bedside-poster-dreams where the DMT RS6, a Novitec Aventador and a Maserati GT tuned by Mansory. This is why it’s such an attractive event, there’s always something for every petrolhead and car-enthusiast.

The Netherlands and C&C are curious combination I realized as the event was nearing its end, a normally very reserved culture dominates the Dutch plus their actions and there I was standing amongst a crowd with no fear in showing their wealth. This creates an open atmosphere rarely seen here and with that thought in my mind I could only see the potential of C&C. It’s something honest, something of hope. With me walking away from the event my thoughts were violently disrupted by the roar of the F-type as I was summoned to ride shotgun. We drove off to create yet another story.