Another one of Luke’s epic trips, this time it led him all the way to Portugal 

Cars With Luke is a YouTuber that is know for the high quality video content he produces, with the Alpine scenery being the most striking part of the productions. We recently partnered up with him in order to offer you a wider variety of content. The first product was the Audi A1 Quattro showcase and one of the latest collaborations resulted in the making of the 599 GTO Fernando Alonso video.

For his latest trip Luke found himself in Portugal, where Mercedes AMG was holding their press drive event for the 2017 AMG E63. The full review video should be finished soon, but for now Luke shows us the AMG E63 exhaust note in his latest video. Any performance-car exhaust video is enjoyable to take in, this one is interesting for a whole other reason however. 

Never before had the M178 engine, AMG’s new 4-liter V8, pushed out this high of a peak-output of 612 metric horsepower. An engine that sadly doesn’t produce the noise you’d wish for in the C63 and AMG GT. So is the 2017 AMG E63 exhaust note any better with the new tweaks? Find out below.