Fresh pixels from yesterday’s event.

Another Cars and Coffee gallery for you readers as yesterday C&C took place in spotters-heaven Düsseldorf. Organized by Cars and Coffee Düsseldorf, the event is slowly taking on more epic proportions each time it is organized. Sadly this also attracted the attention of police officers pointing their gaze towards revving cars. This did in no way kill the mood though, nice people were plentiful and so were the cars.

As you may have noticed, Prior Design is in abundance in the German metropolis and so are other tuned automobiles. Lowered Audi R8’s, wide body RS6’s and even an tuned Ferrari 488 popped up. True crowd pleasures were the duo of Aventador SV’s and the EDO McLaren 675LT.

The Cars and Coffee gallery will also show shots from the Hyatt Regency, as a C&C in Düsseldorf always ends there. We’re already looking forward to next edition!

Cars and Coffee gallery Düsseldorf July 2016