It’s been almost 5 years since it was announced as a concept, 

Traditional ICE-powered performance cars fear the Tesla P100D in a straight line, but the freshly unveiled Rimac C_Two shall reduce them to tears. Tears the long-awaited production version of the Concept One will probably never see. Why? Because Rimac claims the car can hit a 100 KPH in “under 2 seconds”.

Unveiled in Geneva today, Rimac’s first production model is more than a list of numbers. Where most EVs have stood their ground (and hid their ugliness) by boasting nothing more than numbers, the C_Two is a welcome exception. Its shapes, gaps, holes, wings and everything that makes cars look epic, are actually present. It simply looks like something mid-engined. But it isn’t. It’s propulsion comes in the shape of 4 engines that each power a single wheel with electricity coming from the C_Two’s impressive 120KwH battery pack.

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In terms of numbers, the production model also plays the part. It is capable of unleashing 1914HP and 2300Nm. This power pushes the car to a hundred in 1.85 seconds and it doesn’t stop until the friction wins. That only happens at 412 KPH though, due to the clever integration of gearboxes in its engines. Another nifty feat is the active aero up front, but wether or not that will be any help in making this 2-metric-ton-car handle well, remains to be seen. 

Rimac is scaring the big boys even more with the level equipement they offer. From safety options to autonomous driving, the C_Two offers everything the competition does and this is their first car. The future looks a bit less grim, with Rimac around.