We all know the regular maintenance on a Bugatti Veyron is ridiculously expensive. But thanks to documents that Road & Track was able to look into, we also know what it costs to replace parts.

Servicing the Veyron is extremely expensive mostly due to the fact that it’s such a labor intensive car to get small things done.
If you’re doing an oil change, you’re looking at over 20.000$ because of the fact that they need to split the car in 2 pieces to change all fluids.

But recently, Road and Track discovered an EPA Certification Application that gives a lot more details about various spare parts and the labour cost to install them. Hold on tight.

Starting with one of the more expensive parts on the Veyron. Unsurprisingly, these are the four turbochargers on the massive W16 engine.
The turbochargers cost 6.400$ each and 9.000$ in labor. Alongside that the turbo’s feed air to a pair of charge air coolers which cost 9.000$ each and installation costst another 2.000$. However, if you replace them in pair, the labor drops to a mere 2.200$.

The intake manifold splits up in 3 pieces. The upper portions for each bank of the engine come in at 4.000$ a piece while the lower intake manifold only costs half of it. Intallation is also at the lower part of the spectrum costing only 1.800$.

Are there any cheaper pieces?

Camshaft adjusters come in below the 1.000$ mark between 700 and 800$ depending on where they’re placed. But as you might fear, the labour is far from this kind. Because the engine has to be taken apart it comes in at 21.000$. Woops.
The mass airflow sensor only costs 200 $ because it is a part that is shared with the W12 from the Volkswagen Phaeton. Boost pressure sensors are shared with GTI’s and come in at 20$ a piece. But again, these pieces look like a bargain until you have to install them. Since the rear deck needs to be removed, these also cost 1.800$ in labour.

You didn’t think that you’d find a 9$ part in a Veyron. But as a matter of fact this is another piece shared with the VAG group. The mark IV Jetta and Golf share the same camshaft positionings sensors. And this makes that sensor the cheapest part on the list. But again, it costs 7.200$ to install these parts. The fuel rails coming in at 1.300$ per side cost equally as much to instal by the way.

The fuel tank however is by far the most expensive part of the Veyron. It will quickly make your pockets a lot lighter since it costs 20.000$ plus another 22.000$ in labor.

We could go on and on but if you want to read more about other bespoke parts in the car you can head over to Road and Track to check out the rest.

And as shocking as all these numbers are, what do you really expect when you’re buying a multi-million dollar hypercar?