The Chiron Sport is Bugatti’s answer to a track focused car. And it doesn’t feature more power than standard but it does have carbon fiber window wipers.

The Chiron Sport doesn’t have a higher top speed or goes quicker to 100 kph than the regular Chiron. Instead it focuses on being better on the track. So it still keeps the monstrous 8.0L W16 producing 1500 hp but it features a new handling pack and a smaller kerb weight.

The handling package features new shock absorbers that are 10% stiffer than on the regular Chiron. Next to that, the steering has been modified while retaining the outstanding direct feel the ‘base’ Chiron has.

The differential has also been tweaked featuring a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function. This will improve the Chiron’s agility making it even faster than regular people can ever imagine.

A total of 18 kg has been removed from the Chiron Sport thanks to a new lighter set of wheels, lighter rear window, new exhaust deflector, intercooler covers and… most importantly. Carbon fiber windscreen wipers which is a world first for a production vehicle.

All these improvements to the Chiron Sport result in a lap time that is 5 seconds quicker around Nardo Handling Circuit than the ‘regular’ Chiron altough we don’t know how fast the lap actually is.

The car is distinguishable by the big quad exhaust and various sport logo’s around the car. Oh and by its big 2,65 million euro price tag.