In the world of hypercars, exclusivity is very important. You don’t want to arrive at a party and seeing that 3 other people are parking the same Bugatti in front of the castle. 

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport can be recognized by its huge -1,9 meter wide- spoiler, bigger grill, extra carbon fiber aerodynamics and the lightweight wheels. Losing weight has been the focus point for this Chiron. The wheels alone put 16 kg less weight in the scale and by using titanium in the brakes, Bugatti lost 19 kg in total at the end.

The spoiler and changes to the gearbox -shorter ratio- make the Chiron Pur Sport slower on top speed. It will only hit 350 km/h, but even in sixth gear acceleration from 60 to 120 km/h only takes 4,4 seconds. The redline now starts at 6.900 rpm, +200 rpm, while the 8.0-W12 still produces 1.500 hp.

Interested? Take your checkbook and put the number “3,2 million” on the paper. Excluding taxes, of course. For that price, you will have one of only 16 cars.