Ever since the R8 was introduced in 2006 it was an unattainable dream car for many. The V10 and the Spyder that followed made this car even more desirable. The new R8 has to transcend that, but as high as the level of lust is, is its price tag. Audi tries to solve this with their budget supercar.

Earlier this year Audi came with the second gen R8, which is powered by the phenomenal N/A 610 bhp V10, but still is not your first pick when shopping for some fun wheels with a low price tag. So, Audi is building an entry-level with the renowned 2.5 TFSi 5-cylinder engine. Today, in 2015, turbos seem to be the solution for everything, but when it comes down to smooth and powerful 5-cylinder engines, Audi masters this class. The era of the atmospherical high-performance engine is in its last chapter.


The engine that will be used is the 2.5 TFSi from an RS3. That car is known as a serious competitor among the best hot-hatches, you can easily say that the 367 bhp RS3 belongs to the hyper-hatches. The R8 will definitely have some more than that, something in between 4 and 500. Audi claims it would be no more than that to prevent it to be a rival for the actual supercar.

Something that is perhaps even more interesting is that the E-Tron already puts out 460 bhp and a stunning 680 pound-foot. We would love to see a turbocharged R8 combined with a high-torque electrical power train. BMW: watch your i8.