Fans of road legal racers rejoice! Brabham will be offering a conversion to make your Brabham BT62 road legal.

You’ve heard of the insane Brabham BT62 a few months ago. A track monster powered by a 700 hp thunderous V8 with massive downforce. Brabham plans to build 70 units of their BT62 and since it is a track only toy, the chances of seeing one on the road are nonexistant and on track they might not be much better as this thing costs 1 million£ excluding taxes.

However, that changes with the announcement Brabham made. For the price of 150.000£ you can take your track monster to the streets.

Changes include an axle-lift kit to raise the nose for speed bumps, an increase in steering lock, air con and better (read: more comfortable) materials used inside. They also throw in some central locking and an immobiliser, you wouldn’t want someone to be able to just take of in your 1 million £ track car.

“The objective was to make the car legal, safe and usable on the road with minimal compromise to its race-bred circuit dynamics,” says Brabham. “Whilst there will be a slight increase in weight there will be no reduction in power, retaining the 700bhp power output.”

All changes to the car are reversible and will be made in the UK. That means for the first two years the car will be registered in the UK and Brabham will fly your car back and forth once a year to keep its registration. After that you’ll have to fund the proces on your own. But that won’t keep owners awake at night.