Never heard of Borgward before? I’ll explain its history in a few sentences. Hint: it has nothing to do with CarJournalisms CEO.

Borgward once was Federal Republic Germany’s second biggest car producer. But times change, and so did the car company we’re talking about. Borgward existed until 1963. The car brand remained silent for decades. But then suddenly the name popped up again in 2015. The founder’s grandsons Carl and Christian brought the dead car manufacturer back to life!

Now, two years and a few China-built models later, they’re preparing for the Dakar Rally. Two Borgwards BX7 DKR will attend the 40th edition of this illustrious event. The rally weapons were built in the Netherlands. Van Thull Development did the body conversion and Wevers Sport worked their ass off to finish all technical installments. With WRC2 champion Nicolás Fuchs behind the wheel, Borgward is aiming for the best results. Racing against Toyotas and Peugeots big factory teams won’t be easy. But Borgward made an excellent choice hiring Fuchs. It’ll be a home match for Nicolás, as the Dakar Rally partially takes place in his home country Peru. Erik Wevers himself will drive the second BX7 DKR.

Nicolás’ following tweet shows his car being present at the technical check.

Both cars passed the scrutineering and are currently on their way to Lima.