Leaked earlier than planned, we now have the full press dump on the new BMW X4 M40i.

The rumors and leak were all right on target, there was however one thing that wasn’t clear and that was the potential presence of xDrive. xDrive is BMW’s name for their AWD system and the X4 M40i uses it for the massive acceleration potential it has: zero to a hundred in just 4,7 seconds for a petrol SUV. Aiding that acceleration is the 6 inline 3 liter petrol engine which utilizes a twin-scroll turbocharger, special cams and valves and has as a high-precision injection system (don’t all new cars do?) to push out 355 horsepower and 465 NM of torque.


Handling is one of BMW’s trademarks and it seems that they put a lot offer effort into the X4 M40i for that matter. They have increased the camber on the front axle and combining that with strengthened wishbones this should lead to more feedback during steering according to BMW. To counteract the rolling effect SUV’s have, BMW has further increased the stiffness for the springs on front and rear axle and also aiding in that goal are the reinforced stabilizers. BMW has added further refinements to the handling of their X4 M40i in comparison to the previous king of the X4 range, the X4 35i.


Spotters and other automotive enthusiast can recognize the car by its unique 20 inch M Performance rims, bigger air inlets and chrome exhaust tips. If you manage to get inside the car you can see a higher level of equipment than the previous X4 models, with a new steering wheel, new sport seats and specially decorated shift stick for the 8 speed transmission.