Paris is here and that means lots of car news, new models and of course leaks! One of many concepts to drop its cloak there is the BMW X2 concept and its a weird one.

BMW has just dropped the cloak on the BMW X2 concept in Paris, with next to no information that is. It’s nothing more than a showcase of what their working on, a coupe version of the X1 model. And the design should really speak for itself for the X2 concept, it has many traits that almost make it hard to believe this was made by the relatively conservative brand.

First and most striking design trait is the kidneys, they’re upside down! It doesn’t stop there however, the BMW X2 concept is made to look like their real coupes that are on offer. Take a close look and you’ll see the face of the current 2 series poke through it all. It seems that the brand is taking the family-face-thing to a next level, separating chassis configurations with their own separate styles.

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So yeah it looks weird but what else? It’s expected to launch next year and since it’s sharing the the X1 platform, a FWD setup is imminent. Expect AWD to land as well. We’re rooting for a faster version though, like they did with the X4 M40i. Once the ‘concept’ part drops, we’ll update you yet again.