The BMW flagship has received a refreshed look. The new 7 Series aims for a striking and prestigious look on the in- and outside.

The first thing you notice on the new 7 Series is definetly the front grille. The ‘kidneys’ followed the design of the X7 and increases 40 % in surface area. BMW’s aim is to make the 7 series stand out more with more prominent features.
Headlights have become sleeker increasing the contrast between grille and headlights. The headlights can also be selected with BMW Laserlight.
Along the front of car is a new feature called Vertical Air Breathers. They sit in front of the front wheels at each side of the car and aim to express precision, clarity and a premium feeling. Oh and to make sure you’re not mistaking it with any other brand, it has a larger badge on the front as well.

Along the back side the 7 series follows the same design direction of the air intakes in the front. The integrated exhausts have increased in size whilst the 3 dimensional taillights have become 35 mm sleeker. Another striking feature is a design trend we’ve been seeing more and more in cars like the Bugatti Chiron and Audi A8. A small 6 mm led strip connects the rear taillights.

Inside the interior gets more driver comforts both in terms of looks and features. Ambiance lighting accentuates the fine lines of the new exclusive Nappa leather. BMW Command Touch gets beefier hardware and a redesign in software. And the rear-seat entertainment has been upgraded with Full-HD touchscreen displays.
Finally the 7 receives acoustic glass for the rear and side windows further improving long distance comfort.

V12 is back in town

In terms of engine options the new 7 series doesn’t need to bow down to its facelift. The M760Li is still available thanks to a new particle filter. The V8 gets 80 more horsepower bringing the figure up to 530.
A plug-in hybrid is also available combining an adapted straight six and electric motors to bring the total power up to 394 hp.

All 7 series come standard with an adaptive chassis with electronically adjustable dampeners plus air suspension with automatic ride height adjustment. Optionally you can go for Intergral Active Steering and Executive Drive Pro with active roll stabilisation.

Self-driving tech further improves in the new 7 with Driving Assistant Professional with Steering & Lane Control Assistant. Finally the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant acts as the perfect co-driver controlling various car parameters with simple voice commands.

The new 7 series will have its world premiere in China before hitting the market in March.