Oh hello there, blue beauty 

Some leaks are simply better than most, this leak of the all new BMW M8 Competition is one of the better ones. Why? Not because of the drool-worthy spec. No, simply because we get the dessert before the main course. The BMW M8 hasn’t even been launched yet and this leak shows us the beefed up version, the BMW M8 Competition Coupe. 

The leak has sprung from inside BMW itself it seems, as the car is shot in what looks like a BMW facility. In the back we see the all new 3 Series in a 340i-flavour, wearing the same skin as the BMW M8. Most interestingly is the number plate, which is already focused on making the car ready for promotional purposes. Yet the car was set to be unveiled mid-2019!? 

Other notable fact is the tyre size we see up front, which is 275. And that happens to be the exact size the BMW M5 wears on its front axle. Coincidence? Presumably not, as with earlier generations there was no powertrain difference between the M5 and the M6 M8. Which has a power output of 625 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque for this generation M5. That power launches the traditionally lighter, but now AWD, M5 to a hundred in just 3.3 seconds. You should be able to figure out what the BMW M8 Competition is capable of. 

Please drool over the pictures while we wait for the official press release to arrive…and the GranCoupe…and the Convertible..

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