Rumors surrounding a possible M-variant of the BMW 7-Series have been circulating for a while now and they have just reached a new hight. Images of what appears to be a BMW M760Li have found their way into public hands.

The images come from a configurator screenshot posted on BMW Blog, in this picture the M760Li badge is visible. The car itself doesn’t appear in the configurator, but when the right combination was selected it appeared. BMW issued a press release, only to remove it shortly after. This can mean only one thing (okay maybe more) and that is that the BMW M760Li will see daylight and maybe even debut at Geneva 2016.


The car would fall perfectly into their M-performance model-offer, as a true BMW Motorsport 7- Series is simply not realizable. Typically the M-performance models hold the largest engine of its fuel type within the car and in the case of the 7-Series that would translate into the V12 for the petrol variant. And here is where it gets interesting yet again, as the company has access to a 6.6 liter V12 used by daughter company Rolls Royce. The V12 currently pushes out 633 PS in its most powerful trim and where M-perfomance models aren’t restricted to RWD, this could turn out to be a true competitor of the AMG S65 and Audi S8 Plus.

BMW M760iL