The Spanish BMW buyers are rejoicing and for good reason, 60 M4 CS models are heading for them. Every single one of them that is, the M4 CS is a Spanish dish cooked up by BMW.

Mystery and the M4 CS go hand in hand for now, as BMW Spain has only released this sketchy header and the 280 kilometer an hour Vmax. Where on earth the 60 production limit cap comes from is one of those mysteries and better yet, why only Spain? What’s so special about those buyers? All question that only lead to speculation.

“…why only Spain”

What is know about the M4 CS is that we should see it as a version between the menacing M4 GTS and the ‘entry-level’ M4. It implements an¬†adaptive M-chassis, an unknown power increase and carbon-ceramic brakes to stop that increased sprinting abilities. To ensure it does more than launching properly in a straight-line, it is equipped with more aero like a rear wing. A wing made of carbon, a material that also replaced metal in certain panels of the M4 CS.


Offering more practicality via¬†rear seats, the occupants aren’t offered a smooth ride we assume, mostly due to 20″ inch rims the car rides on. The driver does however gain acces to the smooth 7- speed automatic. More isn’t know up to this point but when more information rolls in we will update you, yet again.