And I’m not talking about bad cars, bad business or bad management. No, I’m talking about the list of this that BMW sums up to be our ‘future’.

BMWs Centenary Event was rather big for the company, not only in the sense of its meaning but also in scale. The brand celebrated its 100th birthday by hosting a massive event that could be followed by any BMW employee world wide, all 122.000 of them. In the last 100 years the company has brought us many good things, from great innovations to modern-day epicene in the form of the M4 GTS. Their view of the future however, terrifies me to the deepest of my petrolhead chromosomes. All the way down to the curvy structure of my DNA, curvy like a mountain pass that begs for a E30 M3.

A future I don’t want to be in

Autonomous driving, the demon that is growing. Growing on fear and laziness that seems to plague buyers of cars, well that is if you believe many manufacturers and their studies. Brand after brand is throwing  concepts and test-cars at us that can drive them selves. It seems to be what the masses wants, to be detached from the things that makes driving so important; autonomy.

Personally I fear this future, a future in which the car really is nothing more than an object to get you from point A to point B. We’re heading there people but let’s not go down without a fight. A fight that might still bring us some autonomy. Get your drivers license, buy your dream car, actively object to autonomous driving…do anything you can, I will.