It ain’t the first time and it will definitely not be the last, the situation when BMW worked with an artist to make drivable art. One’s again they nailed it.

Since the ’70s, Leonard Hilton McGurr -aka Futura 2000- is putting is his mark on pretty much everything. The carrier of the 64-year-old McGurr started in New York where he illegally was putting graffiti in the world. But he made a name for himself and now BMW asked him to created 3 one-off M2’s for Frieze, an artist event in Los Angeles.

The BMW M2 competitions get a “dark Industrial”-look poured over them. If one of the 3 will ever be sold, you would need a lot … really a lot of money. But for the “normal” costumer, BMW is providing a limited “BMW M2 Edition Designed By Futura 2000” car. 19-inch rims and a special graffiti-design in and outside the car are standard things with the car.

We are diggin’ it!