No spicy dish yet, sadly 

By unveiling the BMW 8 Series Coupe, the brand finally made its last move in what seemed like an endless teasing game (one that started as much a year ago). Although most teases in life end  with a climax, BMW doesn’t give us the big guns just yet: we’ve stranded at second base with a 850i and a 840d, but this sure looks promising. 

Curvy hips, loads of numbers and… infographics? Yes people, BMW has supplied us with images that make reading this article pointless. Look below: 

Still here? Good. The new BMW 8 Series Coupe, as there’s been one in 1999, replaces the previous 6 Series. BMW however claims that this car is meant to fill the gap between a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which means that it’s entering new territory. Territory which has been explored via their M8 GTE racer, projecting the image for what this car offers: a unique mix of luxury and performance. They’re claiming this car’s ride is inspired by the GTE too. 

Numbers don’t show that uniqueness though. The 840d xDrive has the good old 6-inline-diesel that pushes out 320 HP and 680Nm, launching it to a hundred in just under 5. The M850i xDrive has 530 HP and 750 Nm coming from a 4.4 liter V8, launching it to a hundred in 3.7. It might have grown in the line of command, the  BMW 8 Series Coupe is actually 5 centimeters shorter than its predecessor. Good thing it’s wider at 1.9 meters. 

BMW has confirmed that there’s an M8 incoming. The teasing continues, but this time we’re heading for proverbial new heights. 

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