The screaming V8 in the SVR gets the average heart up to that rate but never before a cyclist, a female cyclist that is.

Denise Mueller has set a new bicycle speed record for women’s last week using a highly modified bicycle and a Range Rover SVR (why else would we write about it?). Hitting 237 kilometers an hour, she aims to take on the 269 KPH record for men next. It wasn’t all leg-power up to the record speed, Mueller got towed up to a speed of 145 KPH before adding nearly a hundred more with just her leg and a gear ratio that is noteworthy.

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As stated before, the bike she rode was highly modified. Using a gear ratio of 2:1, this would mean she was doing around 120 rotations a minute above a 150. For the bicycle experts, the bike had 488 gear inches. No normal bicycle tires can withstand those forces and so special ones had to be made. It wasn’t the only custom part on the bike, suspension and the chassis also got a rework. Allowing her to avoid bouncing of the bike At High speeds.

So what was the SVR doing in the picture? It gave Mueller a slipstream to maneuver in, else she could not get anywhere near that record speed. Even falling out of the slipstream caused by the SVR would have resulted in her crashing, dangerous stuff. Let’s see what super SUV she uses for her next run, there’s plenty underway. 

Header image curtsey of Keenan Photography