It’s no surprise that the Bentley brings back the Continental GT Convertible for the third generation. That said, it still does look stunning.

Just ahead of the LA Autoshow, Bentley drops the covers off the new Continental GT Convertible. Its goal? To be the pinnacle of open-top grand tourers.

The car follows the same design as the current Continental GT Coupé. However, the profile is longer and lower due to the positioning of the wheels 135 mm further forward. This allows the bonnet to be extended and gives a lower look. The coupe looks very sleek and elegant and so does the convertible. Even with the top closed, the car doesn’t lose its elegant Rivièra Cruiser character.

Powerful internals

The Continental GT Convertible will be available with the well known 6.0 W12 at launch. Producing 635 hp and 900 Nm’s it propels the car to 100 in 3.8 seconds. The conventional 40:60 AWD system has been replaced with a new active All Wheel Drive system that can provide the optimal front-rear torque split in any situation at any moment. Bentley claims that the W12 is the world’s most advanced 12 cilinder. 

Combining high-pressure direct fuel injection with low pressure injection maximizes performance while reducing particule emissions. Bentley’s variable displacement system also means it can shut down half the engine and basically running as a 6 cilinder car.Electronic anti-roll bar actuators improve handling and comfrot whilst also making the Continental GT Convertible feel lighter and more precise. The air suspension has a 60 % greater volume than before. And it’s constantly monitoring the road and adjusting to further improve the driver comfort.

Unprecedented luxury

The top goes down in 19 seconds at a max speed of 50 kmh. Revealing the over 10 square meters of wood used in every car. Bentley says it sculpted the dashboard with long flowing lines resembling it’s logo. The neckwarmer is also present in the seats along with heated armrests to provide the joy of convertible driving even at lower temperatures.

The Bentley Rotating Display offers a great balance between analogue and digital. When the car starts, the center of the dashboard rotates to reveal the big 12 inch touchscreen with a customer configurable homescreen. When the display rotates further back it reveals 3 analogue dials that display outside temperature, a compass and a chronometer. It gives the perfect balance for customers to choose a more authentic or more modern experience.

Finally the Bentley Continental GT Convertible features a noise cancelling feature designed together with the bespoke Pirellis. This further reduces road noise going into the cabin.

The new Continental GT Convertible will be revealed publicly at the LA Autoshow with a Flying Spur variant rumoured to come a little further down the line.