Carbon fiber. Need we say more?

The Bengala Rolls Royce Program is here! After a short tease on their social media channels, the brand has launched a decorative set of carbon fiber parts for Rolls Royce models. The brand has forged a collaboration with renowned carbon-baker Vitesse AuDessus to realize the production.

Parts range from an entire enige cover to windshield surroundings. The carbon fiber structure can be cooked into either in a mosaic or twill pattern with matte or glossy finishes available. Prices for these parts range from anywhere between 3,125 dollars for mirrors to nearly 8000 dollars for the hood.

“…the revised coachwork is crafted using a cutting edge carbon matrix technology that uses variable length carbon tow preimpregnated with resin and molded under high temperature and pressure…”

Is the list of parts not enough for your Rolls? Vitesse tops it off with a set of forged carbon rims for the ultimate baller-machine. Because we all now; reduced unsprung weight on a Rolls Royce is beyond logic and cool for that matter.