Their teaser dropped last week and now we have the full info-package concerning Bengala’s latest endeavor.

Words like exclusive, limited and bespoke are slung around like you need them in your every day vocabulary when you talk to the founder of Bengala, especially when you start talking about their latest project; the Bengala F12 Caballeria. Where last week we could only show you the teaser, we now have the full info package and that includes some damn fines renders.

“Uniqueness is in most cases a state of mind, while most people fail to understand the meaning of it very few people get a taste of the irreplaceable reality the word brings to those who earn it.

We mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering and ten exclusive individuals earned it, the Bengala F12 Caballería”. – Shoghi Saeidnia, CEO and founder

Earlier launches were less elusive and just plainly showed everything the project had to offer. With the Bengala F12 Caballeria they seem to go about it differently, we only get a small package of the information. But isn’t that the point with projects like this? If you want your Ferrari F12 rebuild, you probably don’t want the world to know how much it set you back and don’t want the entire neighborhood to run off and do the same. That last thing won’t be a problem as Bengala will only offer 10 of these rebuilds.

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Bengala parts on the Caballería are all made of carbon and the exposed parts can be finished in various manners, just like the Rolls parts they offer. It all extends further than just the skin however, the 10 customers can choose from various technical enhancements to top it all off. The brand hasn’t listed which however. But they probably have their connections. They always do.

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