Did you ever think: I sure would like my Mono to be faster? Well we didn’t but BAC just pulled the covers off the BAC Mono R. And we want it.

Just in time for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Our friends from Liverpool pulled off the cover of a lighter, stronger version of their car dubbed the BAC Mono R.

The car is powered by the same 2.5L four-cylinder found in the current Mono. But with the help of Mountune, the car now delivers 35 hp more bringing the total up to 340 hp.
The horsepower gains were achieved by increasing the cylinder bore size and reducing billet crankshaft stroke. The engine now revs from 7.800 rpm to 8.800 rpm. The engine also breathes a lot better thanks to the Formula 3-Style air intake on the side. Along with that, a new drive-by-wire throttle makes the engine’s response even faster.

They didn’t stop there

Oh no. If you think that was that, you’re mistaken. The BAC Mono R has undergone a diet losing 25 kg. This makes it tip the scales at 555 kg.
This results in a power to weight ratio of 612 hp per tonne and an output of 136 hp per liter. A record for a street-legal atmospheric engine.

The body looks familiar but BAC says this is a completely new generation of the Mono’s DNA. All body panels have been redesigned and every single one of them is made from bespoke carbon.
One of the more visual changes are the big LED headlights incorporated into the sharknose. The result is that the BAC Mono R is 20 mm lower and 25 mm longer.
Other visual changes are wider sidepods and a larger rear wing.

Well and if that’s not enough, the BAC Mono R still has a few innovations up its sleeve. It’s the first production car in the world to use graphene-enhanced carbon fiber.
By 3D printing parts, BAC has been able to reduce the design-to-manufacture timeframes of complex geometrical components as well as save further weight.
The fuel tank has been pushed lower inside the chassis and thus lowering the center of gravity.

I could go on and on about the new things in this car and that makes it clear that it’s not a Mono anymore, it’s a Mono mk2.
We’ll show you more details and info about the BAC Mono R when we visit them in August.