Audi has launched a limited version of the R8 to celebrate their succes. Named the ‘R8 selection 24h’, it’s really nothing more than what any trophy is; aesthetics.

The R8 selection 24h is a celebration of the succes Audi has achieved since the launch of the R8 LMS back in 2009. With a total of 323 wins in international racing, Audi seem to take the most pride in the WEC endurance racing wins. Most of the inspiration for the limited units comes directly from the Audi Sport livery.

Technically the R8 selection 24h has remained unchanged, instead the team behind the car took the easy route and agreed that aesthetically changing an R8 coupe would suffice. Where the car looks menacing with the LMS inspired livery, nothing of the tech-insights gained from the R18 have found their way into the car. The brand used the Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus as the base of this project, and like I wrote earlier, left it unchanged technically.

Equipped with carbon mirrors, rear spoiler, front splitter and  side blades, the R8 selection 24h is a true full-option-fest. The fest continues on the inside of the car, where the limited 24  future owners will find themselves in a full-leather upholstery cabin with CFRP accents. The mandatory logos screaming ‘selection 24h’ are of course present on the inside and outside of the car, so there’s no mistaking about what the car is. Audi hasn’t made any mistake with the pricing however, the 24 units will be sold for 229.000 euro each and can only be ordered in Germany.