Team CJ meets up with Cars With Luke and his modified Audi A1 Quattro, what could possibly go wrong?

Limited to just 333 units, the Audi A1 Quattro is rare a little beast. Finding a modified one is even rarer but by accident we did and after some chatting about it online with the owner, it wasn’t long before Beau and I found ourselves driving down to Switzerland to meet up with Luke and his ride. A 7 hour drive through Germany and a customs-check later we arrived around lunch at the lake near Zurich City, Beau immediately stopped talking when he saw the A1 Quattro. “Dear god, this thing has presence”

After a short talk and of course food, we got straight into shooting the car. We brought a DJI Ronin with us, slider, shotgun microphone. Basically the whole lot. Luke couldn’t resist holding the gear and you could just see him dreaming of using the gear for his Youtube projects.

After the filming ended we had a long talk about the car during our meal at a local restaurant, thanks again for the food Luke! The Audi A1 Quattro is a unique technical gem when one takes a closer look. For starters, this little hot hatch is equipped with a manual transmission. Something rare, even in modern day hot hatches. The 2.0 TFSI engine used to push out a not too shabby 256 PS, after an ECU-tune this A1 pumps out 301 PS.

“Dear god, this thing has presence” – Beau

Its power is put onto the road via its Quattro-system, the A1 Quattro is the smallest car out there with this system. The engine and its drivetrain are what set the car apart from anything else out there. No matter how hard you push the car, the mechanical AWD system doesn’t let you lose grip. Combine that with the massive turbo gap, the whistling of it whilst spooling, its overall feel and technical aspects make the whole Audi something damn unique. Audi can’t you go crazy a little more often? Not just 333 times?

Check out Luke’s channel here.

We’ve also included a before and after of the header image, enjoy!

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