The Valkyrie AMR Pro is designed by Red Bull’s chief designer Adrian Newey and produces as much downforce as it weighs.

Aston Martin revealed their track-only version of their upcoming supercar called the the Valkyrie AMR Pro and it is basically Adrian Newey unleashed.

Let’s just get straight to the point. This car is a monster and with monster figures. The 6.5L V12 spits out over a 1100 hp while the car only weighs 1000 kg and produces just as much downforce. That means the car can corner fast, very fast. The maximum cornering G is rated at 3.3G.

How is all this achieved? The Valkyrie AMR Pro uses a lighter carbon fiber chassis construction than its road going sibling, carbon fiber wish bones and a lighter (and probably much louder) exhaust system.

The most striking features however is what Red Bull Racing designer Adrian Newey has done to the car. Without any regulations he could go all out with the dark arts of downforce. The whole entire car has been widened, the front and rear wings have grown and the active aero has been revised for optimal track use. But maybe one of the coolest features is the dorsal fin like you see on endurance racing prototypes.

The car is fitted with the same rubber you’ll find on LMP1 cars. Gone are the 20 and 21 inch rims because they have to make place for 18 inch all round. Why? Because that’s the size they come in on LMP1 and F1 cars.

Just 25 of these monster track cars will be built starting deliveries in 2020. All cars are already sold.