Things are not going very well at Aston Martin…

Andy Palmer, new head of Aston Martin, decide to fire 300 employees following another year without profits. Last year they barely sold 4.000 cars but Palmer hopes to turn that round and make the brand profitable once again in 2016. Obviously it’s to cut cost but why would you fire 15% of your staff when you want to up the production?

DBX to the rescue?

The key to this plan will be the upcoming crossover often referred to as the DBX. Along with that Aston Martin told us in an interview at Spa that they’ll be sharing parts with Mercedes-Benz. Not only the new twin-turbo V8’s but also things like airco, gps and other electronics. Reducing costs and improving the quality of the cars internals.

Aston Martin says they’re will be 5 new models at the end of this decade. This includes the long awaited replacement to the DB9, called the DB11 but that one’s only expected to be released towards the end of 2016.