Teasing your clients by presenting a sponsored camouflage prototype. The Aston Martin DBX might set a new trend in teasing.

How to make a teaser for your upcoming SUV original? The Aston Martin DBX might just have managed it by also not so subtly including some sponsors in a video of shamelessly blasting through the countryside.

As we saw at the 2015 Geneva Motorshow, Aston Martin wanted to step into the luxury SUV market. In a market that’s still continuing to grow they hope to grab their piece of the cake to boost turnovers. Since then it was very quiet around the brand’s first ever SUV. Now though, we have our first look of what the Aston Martin DBX might look like before next year.

While this is the first real-world testing prototype we can already take a few clues as to what the car will look like. Lights and exhausts might still be temporary but we can see it’s four-door SUV with a slightly sloping roofline. Not quite BMW X6 but more Maserati Levante like in terms of overall shape.

The Aston Martin DBX is rumoured to be powered by the same AMG-sourced M177 engine that powers the Vantage and DB11 V8. We can also expect Aston Martin’s own 5.2L twin-turbo V12 to find its way into the DBX to please markets like the Middle-East and China. Both these engine will be tuned to a style that fits the DBX more.  They will also be hooked up to Aston Martin’s first-ever four-wheel drive system.

Later down the line you can expect the DBX to incorporate a hybrid model as well. After all, it would be a shame if they wouldn’t use the knowledge from their electric sub-brand Lagonda.

Clever piece of marketing

Down below you can find the video of the Aston Martin DBX stretching its legs for the first time. Driving through the Welsh countryside, at least that’s what we expect from the big branding on the side. It’s clear to see that this really is a marketing stunt with brands like Tag Heuer, Pirelli, Billstein, etc shown off onto the car. A clever piece of marketing however as they can succesfully tease the car, show off their partners as well as checkmating the prototype hunters.

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