There is a new Leon coming and Seat is certain to keep the spotlight on their car until they reveal it on 28 January. We are curious about the result.

For more then 20 years, Seat if offering the Leon as an alternative to their sister car, the Golf. Seat, being the Spanish temperament of the Volkswagen Group, is now bringing the fourth generation of the Leon. Or rather, is teasing the fourth generation. They will keep on doing this until we can admire the final result on the 28 of January.

On the teaser, you can see the stern of the car. The most striking being the rear light that stretches over the whole back of the car. Something you already find on Seat’s Tarraco. The taillight works perfectly with the rugged rear-end. Furthermore, there is a little batch mentioning “FR”, so we can expect more sporty details. As far as the drivetrain and engine go, there will be a link with the new Volkswagen Golf. We know for a fact that Seat isn’t planning a fully electric Leon. The honor of going fully electric is for the El Born.