Alpine has released another concept before the revival of the brand towards the end of the year. Although this time, the car is almost in its final form before it reaches production at the end of this year.

Yes! The return of Alpine is near! And they start by going back to their roots with a small sportscar.

Yesterday they unveiled the Alpine Vision, the final concept until it reaches it production form at the end of the year. Well yeah ‘concept’, the car presented in Monaco is 80% production ready meaning it only needs some more adapting to regulations since Alpine is planning to set foot in the United States and Asia.

The styling is obviously influenced by its granddad the A110. The four lights in the front, the rear window,… all bearing homage to the past but in a more modern jacket. Same goes for the interior, it’s very minimalistic and yet amazing to look at. I’d say this doesn’t need any changes and needs to be final production.

The car will be powered by a 4 cylinder turbo engine finishing the sprint to 100 in under 4,5 seconds.

The Alpine Vision is the first car that will come out of the revival of Alpine brining along more cars and different variants. xTomi Design has once again delivered a few renders that we can only wish being put into production.