With 600 hp and 0-100 in 3.6 seconds, Alpina has set the standard with their new B7 BiTurbo xDrive. Is it the M7 BMW refuses to make?

As I said, BMW doesn’t seem to care about building a full┬áM version of their flagship 7-Series. Although if we believe the leaked configurator pictures, there’s still room for more power in their lineup.

Now though, German tuning company Alpina is there to fulfill your needs with the B7 Biturbo. Based on the 750i xDrive with 445 hp and 650 Nm’s of torque which isn’t too shabby after all. But according to Alpina, customers wanted more and so they boosted the power from the 4.4L BiTurbo V8 up to 600 hp and 800 Nm’s which should be sufficient.

The B7 BiTurbo rides on an active air suspension which offers 4 cm’s of ride adjustment. Cruising through town and the car will lift itself 2 cm to avoid speed bumps and other obstacles you might encounter. But when blasting in comfort on the autobahn at over 220 km/h, the car will drop 2 cm to lower its center of gravity.

However if you like the aggressive look of the car at its lowest and feel the need for sporty driving, you can just activate the Alpina Sport mode which will also increase front camber providing better cornering capabilities.

As you’d expect from Alpina, they’ve taken added the signature Alpina details like the aggressive front splitter, 20 spoke 20 inch wheels (21 inch is available on demand) and the rear lip spoiler. Subtle but sporty looking.

With the B7 BiTurbo, Alpina has put the 7 series right up to the S63 AMG and S8 Plus. That is until BMW pulls the M760i out of its sleeve. We’ll be attending its global debut at the Geneva Motorshow but until then, you can drool on these stunning pictures.