We, Team CJ, want to explore the automotive world. We see ourselves as hybrid platform users, using social media and this website to spread our content. We believe that a website alone cannot suffice anymore at this day and age but that social media alone doesn’t offer enough flexibility. This basically translates into our social media content being a ‘snack’ and our website being the ‘dinner’ at the end of your day.

Who we are

The idea is simple, we call it: Car R&R ( Reviews, News and Reports). There are 3 catagories which form the foundation of our team as we strive to offer any reader an intresting and relaxing content with our hint of originality. We are based in the Northern part of Europe and roam the world with a crazy team of petrolheads.

Our mission

Our mission is to tell our stories, share our photos and show our videos on our own platforms. We also aim to help small businesses improve their exposure via social media, offering tailor-made social media counseling and support. We really see it all through a lens.