Want a manual? Pay for it you damn purist!

Is Porsche demoralising purists? Their latest move would almost make you think such a thing, but let’s stick to the facts. Launched in Geneva last week, the 911 GT3 manual option returned with the facelift of the 991-gen. Everybody was happy and I was left standing frustrated at the show. Why? Because the show car didn’t have a freaking manual! 

Maybe it’s German humor, maybe it’s something else but the story of a GT3 with a manual just got another annoying chapter added. One written in the words of cold hard cash. How much cash? 3250 dollars worth is what we’re talking about here. But that price tag doesn’t just show up when you see the prices of Porsche’s track-weapon. 

Only when you see that the GT3 manual option actually doesn’t ‘cost’ anything, does it ring a bell. It doesn’t? Well, the PDK option always meant you had to pay that earlier mentioned number, and that would mean that the manual would be cheaper, which it isn’t. 

What ever argument Porsche might come up with, it sure as hell can’t be them claiming it’s a special 6-speed. That transmission was already developed for the fallen legend named 911 R. Ah well, the GT3 is still around 40k cheaper than that car, and it has the same 500hp engine.

Via Jalopnik